University of Northampton & NORpip

University of Northampton & NORpip

Northampton university where in the centre to rasie awareness around their evening bike ride to raise money for NorPIP

NorPIP or Northamptonshire Parent Infant Partnership is a charity which helps parents form strong bonds and positive relationships with their baby.

Louise Danielczuk, NorPIP fundraising co-ordinator, explained: “Our partnership with the University of Northampton is a long-standing one, and the students this year are working tirelessly to ensure the success of the event.”

All proceeds will go to NorPIP, which offers intensive therapeutic counselling to Northamptonshire families who are struggling to form a secure bond with their babies. Referrals to the charity are often by health visitors, midwives and other professionals, but anyone can refer themselves for support.

To find out more about NorPIP please click here

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