Northampton Gang Show

Northampton Gang Show
The Northampton Gang Show where in the centre raising awareness in March they also managed to collect £435.00 to help fund them going forward.

Going back in time to 30th October 1932 a Rover scout, talented performer, Broadway choreographer and producer named Ralph Reader who had been a scout since he was a boy and continued to run a scout group even while he was directing major productions in the West End, produced a variety show called ‘The Gangs All Here’ to raise funds for his groups local swimming pool.

This progressed to become ‘The Gang Show’ and he went on to produce the London Gang Show for many years. The London gang show was televised for many years. It is now acknowledged that every night of the year somewhere in the world a Gang Show is playing.

During the war years many scout groups produced their own little show for the parents of the boys which was great fun because the girls parts were boys made up as girls, there not being any girls in scouting at that time, This tradition continues to be great fun in today’s gang shows (see our gallery) though we are now co-educational and are also open to members from the girl guides.

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