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Mon-Sat 9-5.30 and Sunday 10-4
Store times may vary. Check with the store directly to avoid disappointment.


With over 70 stores in the UK & Europe and a busy e-commerce shop, Socialites is a dynamic, fast growing, market leading retailer of tanks, MODS, Sub Ohms, e-cigs, e-liquids and vaping accessories.

We are proud to support British made and our e-liquids are made in the UK using pharmaceutical grade ingredients, ensuring they are of the highest quality and some of the safest on the market, meeting with Government legislation.

We are also delighted to announce the addition of some well-known brands to our product range – Innokin, Kangertech, Smok & Dinner Lady.

Ditch and Switch - Ditching the tar and harmful chemicals such as Carbon Monoxide, Cyanide, Arsenic, Lead, Radon, Ethanol to name but a few of the 3,500+chemicals found in regular cigarettes….whilst still giving a Nicotine fix and at a much cheaper price is just part of what our products are all about…

PLUS, they can also be used to reduce the Nicotine intake utilising our lower dosages, weaning customers off the Nicotine all the way down to zero……but still be able to enjoy a vape with our zero e-liquids! Give vaping a go!!

We are a member of ECITA

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