Meet the Explorers

Meet the Explorers

Charlie and Dotty are our Favell Fun Club mascots

Charlie is the other half of Charlie and Dotty, the Favell Fun Club mascots.

Charlie loves travelling all round the world with his best friend Dotty and learning lots of fun facts.

Marvellous Moto - "Up and down, round and round, the future or the past is where I'll be found"
Essential Explorer Item - His bright yellow rucksack, so he can collect lots of souvenirs on his adventures.
Secret Special Skill - Charlie knows the words to every Justin Beiber song (don't tell Dotty!)
Favourite Favell Fun Club Food - Andrew's Fish & Chip Emporium, the best fish and chips on any planet.
Time Traveller Top Tip - Singing makes even the longest journey go quickly!.

Dotty is one half of Charlie and Dotty, the Favell Fun Club mascots!

Dotty is a keen explorer and loves to keep a watch out using her brilliant binoculars on all of her adventures with her best friend Charlie.

Marvellous Moto - "High or low, it's exploring we will go!"
Essential Explorer Item - Her brilliant binoculars, perfect for keeping an eye on Charlie!
Secret Special Skill - Can swim under water for 3 minutes without coming up for air.
Favourite Favell Fun Club Food - Anything from Jenny's restaurant, yum yum.
Time Traveller Top Tip - Don't time travel on an empty stomach

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