Weston Favell and The Silhouette Youth Theatre Group join forces to provide a stage for Northampton’s youth talent

Weston Favell and The Silhouette Youth Theatre Group join forces to provide a stage for Northampton’s youth talent


Northampton’s community shopping centre, Weston Favell, has partnered with community arts project, The Silhouette Youth Theatre Group, to create a ‘talent hub’ within the shopping centre – making performing arts more accessible to youngsters in the borough.

The Silhouette Youth Theatre Company (SYTC) was founded in 2013 by a group of artists with a mission to get young people engaged and excited about theatre. The company produces plays, musicals, and a range of work that gives young people a voice - inspiring growth in individuals throughout Northampton, with the support of The Royal Shakespeare Company, Intermission Theatre and the University of Northampton. Until now, SYTC has utilised a local school hall to run classes but, due to its ever-growing popularity, it requires a more versatile, permanent home which will become Weston Favell shopping centre.

This exciting partnership follows the success of Weston Favell shopping centre’s Movie Hub, which engaged with over 400 local children, and promises to deliver an even greater benefit for the community; offering an accessible, comfortable and dynamic space for budding actors and performers.

The Silhouette Youth Theatre will open at Weston Favell this Autumn, offering a range of classes including performing arts classes, dance classes, music classes and a host of other opportunities. Sessions will run throughout the week, before and after school hours and at weekends, in a safe and friendly environment where young individuals can be themselves and explore their talents. SYTC and Weston Favell shopping centre will also work with other community groups and organisations to offer a wide range of activities, classes and sessions within the space – making it a truly multi-functional community hub.

Founder of The Silhouette Youth Theatre Company, Leigh Wolmarans said “We are committed and passionate about giving young people the chance to engage with performing arts, and by doing so, raising their aspirations and confidence. We want to empower young people and the local community to know that they can use the performing arts to have a voice and that this voice is not diminished based on where you live, how much money you have, your race, religion or background. Working with Weston Favell to bring our Company to a larger audience and engage with more youngsters in the borough is a fantastic opportunity and we are extremely excited about the future”.

Weston Favell’s Centre Manager, Kevin Legg, said “Corporate social responsibility and community engagement has always been a priority for us. As a community-centric destination, we were keen to create a platform that enables us to invest in the young people of Northampton. We are delighted to announce our partnership with The Silhouette Youth Theatre Company. We believe that the theatre will be the perfect space for young individuals to become inspired, make friends, learn and grow - bringing the community together at Weston Favell once more”.

Please contact Weston Favell shopping centre on customerservice@weston-favell.com or The Silhouette Youth Theatre Group on leighwol@okudala.com for more information.

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